I’m John Mullahy, your local Labor candidate for the 2022 Victorian State Election.
我是John Mullahy, 我是您所在2022年州选举您所在选区的工党候选人。

I’m a father of a four-year-old daughter, a son of migrant parents, and I’m proud to be your Labor candidate for this election.

Growing up in a migrant household in regional Victoria, I have learnt the value of hard work, compassion and a strong community.

Like many, I moved to the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne to start a small business, as well as to raise my young family. I am proud that we a community celebrate opportunity, our rick cultural diversity, and lending a helping hand.

I am running as your Labor candidate because I believe that we can deliver real, positive change.

Your vote is powerful, and it can be used to deliver better outcomes for our community.您的选票非常重要,它可以帮助我们的社区实现好的结果。
You can learn more about early voting here.提前投票已经开始,了解更多信息请点击:

Labor has positive plans to keep making our state a better place, but we can only do that with your support

Labor has a positive plan for health, to give you and your family the best care and support. If reelected, the Andrews Labor Government will rebuild Maroondah Hospital, and deliver a massive upgrade to Monash Medical Centre

Labor is building the transport infrastructure we need to get you home sooner and safer, and to create thousands of jobs. Victoria’s Big Build is building the Suburban Rail Loop, removing level crossings, and finishing the Metro Tunnel

If re-elected, the Andrews Labor Government will bring back the SEC and deliver government-owned clean energy to bring down power bills. Labor will make nursing and midwifery training free, and make kinder free, saving families thousands and giving our kids the best start.工党致力于专注民生办实事:

I am so passionate about what we can achieve for our community, and we can only do what matters with your support.If I can be of any assistance or you would like to discuss anything, please call me on 0421 888 466 or email me at .
我对为社区带来更明媚的未来充满热情,只有您的支持可以给我们做实事的机会。如果您想讨论任何事情,或有什么我可以帮的上忙的地方,请致电0421 888 466,或给我发电子邮件:

Yours sincerely,
John Mullahy
Labor candidate for Glen Waverley Distric 工党Glen Waverley州选区候选人