2023 School Leadership Badge Ceremonies

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JOHN MULLAHY (Glen Waverley) (09:57): My condolences. Recently I have been visiting my local primary schools. I know I am biased, but I think we can all agree Glen Waverley has the best schools in the state – and I have the NAPLAN results to prove it.

Thank you to principal Con Vellios and school council president Alec Yankos for inviting me to attend the Glen Waverley South Primary School badge ceremony. I would like to say congratulations to everyone there who received a position and congratulate the new school captains Regish Ravichandran and Melanie Yin.

Glendal Primary also had their badge ceremony recently, and it was my pleasure to present badges to the 2023 leaders. I would especially like to congratulate the new school captains Mishti and Dimi and the rest of the leadership team. Thanks to principal Deborah Grossek and assistant principals Paul Whitehead and Kym Robinson.

I would also like to give congratulations to the new student leaders at Camelot Rise Primary School to whom I recently presented badges – Javen, Jayvier, Tegan and Milli – and their principal Matthew Coney. I would also like to thank the students at Camelot Rise Primary School for the wonderful birthday card designs they did for me. These will be used and sent out to my electorate for birthdays with their local students’ designs on them. Thanks to everyone who submitted their drawings. I was beyond impressed with all of them.

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