A Visit from the Small Business Bus

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Small Business. The action I seek is for the minister to visit the Glen Waverley district to see the Small Business Bus when it visits Brentford Square in Forest Hill in December.

The Small Business Bus is a great service run by the Victorian government. The buses travel to locations all over Victoria, from metropolitan Melbourne to the regions, providing support and advice for our small local businesses. Partnering with the professional services training organisation the Monarch Institute, businesses have the opportunity to climb aboard and receive one-on-one and confidential advice. Furthermore, people wanting to establish their own small business can receive advice on how to start and build their business. People are also able to walk in and receive broader information on the support services provided by Business Victoria. It is great to see the Allan Labor government doing the work to support small businesses in Victoria. As someone who used to run a small business, I know just how important these government programs are in setting up a small business for success.

With the Christmas holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to support your local businesses. From buying unique gifts for loved ones to buying produce for the festive celebrations, our local businesses have plenty to offer. In my electorate we have so many small businesses, from Vermont to Glen Waverley, that provide excellent customer service and products. I will be shopping locally this Christmas, and I encourage my constituents to do the same. Furthermore, I know that shopping during the season can be stressful, but remember it does not cost a single dollar to be kind to the workers in the retail, hospitality and service industries. Nobody deserves to be abused by customers at work, and kindness is the best gift that you can give.

I am looking forward to the Small Business Bus visiting Brentford Square on 7 and 8 December – the 8th is the second day that got booked in because of how popular it was for 7 December. So I hope the minister can join me when the bus stops in my district.

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