Statewide Policy

We’re not wasting a day pursuing a bold agenda across healthcare, education, transport and social justice. Victorians voted for it, and I’m proud to be part of the Allan Labor Government that is getting on and doing what matters.

School Breakfast Clubs

We’re rolling out School Breakfast Clubs to every government school in Victoria, so that all students can start their day with a full tummy. Not only does it provide meaningful cost of living relief for families – but it also boosts student engagement, wellbeing and academic results. I’m proud to be part of the Allan Labor Government that is making it a reality – and delivering real support for families.

Bringing Back the SEC

Labor has brought back the State Electricity Commission (SEC) to create cheap, government-owned renewable electricity. As multinational energy companies shut down their old generators and leave the market, it is more important than ever to supercharge our renewables transition. The SEC is currently investing a billion dollars into 100% renewable energy projects. Because we know that increasing energy supply will drive down your bills.


Since coming to government in 2014, we’ve saved TAFEs that were being closed by the Liberals and made over 70 in-demand TAFE courses free. We’re now expanding that list of courses even further, and making it available to Victorians who already have a tertiary qualification. Plus, we’re removing the once-in-a-lifetime limit, so students can continue to upskill in high-demand areas.

North East Link

We’re fixing Melbourne’s missing freeway link and improving journeys across the East thanks to the North East Link Program. The project is delivering twin 6.5km tunnels from the Ring Road to the Eastern Freeway. A major upgrade of the Eastern will see the addition of 45kms of new lanes, Melbourne’s first dedicated busway and more than 30kms of walking and cycling paths.

Industrial Manslaughter Laws

All Victorians deserve a safe workplace, which is why we have criminalised workplace manslaughter – when the negligence of an employer leads to the death of an employee or a member of the public. With WorkSafe given strong investigatory powers, individuals found guilty face up to 25 years in jail, while companies face fines of up to $16.5 million.

Mental Health System Rebuild

We are rebuilding Victoria’s mental health system from the ground up, with a dedicated funding stream implementing every single recommendation from the Royal Commission. This includes a major expansion of the workforce, rollout of ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals’, expanding crisis outreach services and investing in new acute care beds.

Free 3 & 4 Year Old Kinder

The Allan Labor Government is rolling out free kinder for three and four year olds. Because with quality kindergarten, our youngest Victorians can get the best start in life. Starting in 2023, the program is saving families up to $2,500 per child, per year. Plus, each year we are increasing the number of hours of free kinder available, and we’re building 50 Victorian Government owned- and operated kinders, too.

Treaty & First Nations Justice

The Allan Labor Government is working towards reconciliation with First Nations Victorians. The democratically elected First Peoples’ Assembly is commencing landmark treaty negotiations with the State. Plus, the Yoorrook Commission has begun important work around truth-telling, vested with the powers of a Royal Commission. While there is much more to do – we’re committed to meaningful reconciliation.

Metro Tunnel Project

We’re building the Metro Tunnel Project through the CBD, with five new stations at Arden, Parkville, State Library, Town Hall and Anzac. The new twin rail tunnels will take the busy Cranbourne, Pakenham and Sunbury Lines out of the City Loop. This will boost capacity across the metropolitan rail network and untangle the congested City Loop, allowing more trains to run more often.

Public IVF Service

For too many Victorians struggling to start a family, IVF was financially out of reach. That’s until the Allan Labor Government has created Australia’s first free public fertility service. It’s been lifechanging for so many Victorians, so we’re investing an additional $13.6 million to expand access for women and families. It’ll save eligible Victorians up to $10,000.

New Trains, Trams & Buses

The Allan Labor Government is making the most significant investment into Victorian-Made train, tram and bus rollingstock in a generation. This includes 200 new trams and well over 90 worldclass metro trains. The bus fleet is getting a boost too, with a new fleet of Victorian made electric buses hitting the road from 2025. Regional Victoria is also benefiting from 135 new VLocity trains, too.

Fair V/Line Fares

Until now, Regional Victorians have had to pay significantly more for public transport. Now, the Allan Government has made fares fair – with all regional journeys capped at metropolitan prices. It represents unbeatable value for travel between Melbourne and the regions, connecting Victorians to new opportunities across the state, for no more than $10.

Bold Climate Action

For the sake of my daughter’s generation, and the Victorians experiencing its effects today, we are taking the boldest climate action of all mainland states. By 2030, we will slash emissions by 45-50%, with a reduction of up to 80% by 2035. These ambitious goals ensure we achieve net zero by 2045, generating 59,000 renewables jobs in the process.

Investing in Multiculturalism

As the son of migrants who grew up surrounded by my proud Irish culture, I’m proud to be part of an Allan Labor Government that is investing $12 million to support multicultural events across Victoria. Plus, we’re created a $50 million fund to improve community infrastructure – including $2.5 million to deliver a dedicated Chinese Community Centre in the East.

Big Housing Build

The Allan Labor Government is making the largest single investment into social housing in Victorian history, with the $5.3bn Big Housing Build creating 12,000 new homes. It means Victoria’s most vulnerable will have a safe place to call home, in a new, 7 Star Sustainable dwelling. The program is also creating an average of 10,000 jobs per year, over four years.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Equality

In Victoria, LGBTQIA+ equality is not negotiable. That’s not just an ambition – under the Allan Labor Government, we are making it a reality. We have banned dangerous conversion ‘therapy’, expunged historical homosexuality convictions, instituted adoption equality, made it easier for birth certificates to be changed and opened Victoria’s Pride Centre in St Kilda.

Building Better Hospitals

Our healthcare workers deserve worldclass facilities which match the high standard of their care. That’s why we’re investing up to $1.05 billion to rebuild Maroondah Hospital from the ground up, creating the new Queen Elizabeth II Hospital. Plus, we’re expanding the Monash Medical Centre with more than $500 million dollars in the latest State Budget to commence construction in 2025.

Free Nursing Degrees

The Allan Government is committed to supporting the next generation of healthcare workers. It’s why we have made TAFE free, but we’re going further by making nursing degrees free for 10,000 undergrad students, and thousands more postgraduate students. Since 2014, we’ve employed 26,000 extra nurses – and now we’re backing the next generation.

Removing 110 Level Crossings

The Allan Labor Government is getting on and removing 110 dangerous and congested level crossings. This includes the removal of every single crossing on the Lilydale Line by 2025, with the CBD-Ringwood corridor already level crossing free. Across Melbourne, more than 70 crossings are already gone, and more than 40 stations have been rebuilt.

Transforming Specialist Schools

Every student deserves the very best education. That’s why we are investing almost a quarter of a billion dollars to transform Victoria’s Specialist Schools. This package includes major upgrades at every Specialist School. We will also provide co-located after school care, specialist appointment spaces and NDIS Navigators in all 89 Specialist Schools across Victoria.

Criminalising Wage Theft

All workers in Victoria deserve a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. It’s the principle on which the Labour Movement was founded – and it goes to the heart of what we stand for as a government. That is why we have criminalised deliberate underpayment of workers’ entitlements, and established Wage Inspectorate Victoria with the strong powers they need to protect workers.