Transforming Jells Park

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My adjournment matter is directed to Victoria’s new Minister for Environment, and the action I seek is for the minister to join me at Jells Park in my electorate to witness the terrific transformation of this Parks Victoria managed open space. The Allan government is proud to be making historic investments in green open spaces across the mighty east, including in my district of Glen Waverley. In fact we do not have just one major parks project on the way, we have got two. At Healesville Freeway Reserve in the north of my electorate, we are investing in a once-in-a-generation upgrade. We are transforming this under-utilised space into beautiful new parkland for the community to enjoy.

As I said, that is not all, because we are getting on and transforming Jells Park too. For so many people in the Glen Waverley community, and indeed across the greater south-east, Jells Park is an absolute gem. The Allan Labor government is getting on and making it even better, with a $5.9 million investment into two new shared user paths around Jells Park. With 7.5 kilometres of new trails around Jells Park, more Victorians than ever will be able to enjoy this green open space. But that is not all. We are not just stopping with these beautiful shared paths, because we are getting on and improving the two ovals at Jells Park too. With a $4 million investment, we are getting on and rejuvenating both the northern and southern ovals for the long haul. These upgrades include synthetic pitches built to meet Cricket Australia’s standards and a new pavilion for athletes too.

But wait, there is more where that came from, because the Allan Labor government is investing $21 million into the new Monash Tennis Centre at Jells Park too. Once works are completed in 2024, communities from across Melbourne’s east and beyond will be able to enjoy a truly world-class facility, with 18 courts, golf practice facilities, better car parking and a new pavilion. That is a total of $30.9 million in investments in Jells Park, which is only being delivered by the Allan Labor government. I hope that the Minister for Environment will take some time to join me in Jells Park to see the progress we are making in this terrific Parks Victoria park.

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