Vermont South Social Housing

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Housing, and the action I seek is for the minister to join me in visiting the new social housing development in Vermont South. Currently there is construction happening on Burwood Highway to deliver 34 new homes in partnership with Women’s Housing Limited. These apartments will provide housing options for women who are escaping family violence, women over 55 that are struggling to find affordable housing and First Nations women. This project is one of many across the state to deliver safe, secure and affordable housing for Victorian women, including those in my electorate of Glen Waverley.

It was great to be out last week with the Minister for Housing as well as with you, Deputy Speaker, the member for Ashwood, for the sod turn at the social housing construction site on High Street Road. Although not in my electorate, the site is on the border of my electorate and will provide safe and affordable social housing for those in our area, predominantly people over the age of 55. This project will deliver 96 apartments, providing housing for up to 135 people. The project is also creating 450 jobs, which is great for Victorians and great for our local economy in Glen Waverley.

As I said earlier, this project is located on the border. Many of my constituents know the area I am talking about, with a good range of shops, cafes, restaurants, community organisations and other businesses and of course Syndal station. It will be great to see the completion of this project as well as the completion of the women’s social housing project in Vermont South. It is great to see so many social housing projects underway across Melbourne delivering safe and affordable housing to those in our communities who need it most. I commend the minister and their team for all their hard work that has gone into strengthening social housing in this state. I look forward to the minister’s response.

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