Now Under Construction: Vermont South Social Housing

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My adjournment matter is directed to the Minister for Housing in the other place, and the action I seek is for the minister to visit my electorate to see the Vermont South housing project. Currently construction is underway on Burwood Highway in Vermont South to establish 34 new homes in collaboration with Women’s Housing Ltd. These apartments aim to offer housing alternatives for women seeking refuge from family violence, women aged over 55 facing challenges in securing affordable housing and First Nations women. This initiative stands as one of several throughout the state dedicated to providing safe, secure and affordable housing for Victorian women, including those within my electorate of Glen Waverley. Throughout the state we are delivering 1000 homes to support survivors of domestic violence through our landmark Big Housing Build. It is excellent to see so many social housing projects progressing across Melbourne, extending safe and affordable housing to those within our communities who need it most.

This month and throughout December my colleagues and I have been engaging with Respect Victoria’s 16 days of activism, including remembering the 54 women who have lost their lives to domestic violence this year alone. It is why housing projects like this that offer safe and affordable housing for women escaping family violence are so important. Such projects are not only changing but saving lives. I am proud to be part of a government that is serious about addressing domestic violence, and the Women’s Housing Ltd Vermont South project is just one example of our commitment. I would also like to thank the minister and their team for the dedicated efforts in investing in social housing in our state. I look forward to the minister’s response, and I hope that the minister can join me to visit the site in my electorate soon.

On indulgence, I would just like to thank my team in the electorate office – Rachel, Felix, Hannah, Chunying, Dustin, Nildhara and Tom, and also James for his earlier efforts this year – in being able to get me here, help me and make sure that we serve our community well. I would also like to reiterate your comments, Speaker, in thanking the amazing team here at the Parliament of Victoria for all the work that they do. Finally, I would just like to wish the community in my electorate and their families a safe and joyous time over our coming holidays.

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