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My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Planning. How can residents of the Glen Waverley district contribute to the government’s plan for Victoria initiative? By the early 2050s we know Melbourne is set to have a population the size of London. To ensure we maintain our world-leading standards of living and livability, we need to plan ahead now. Whether it is Blackburn South, Burwood East, Forest Hill, Vermont, Vermont South, Glen Waverley or Wheelers Hill, I say that my community is one of the most livable parts of the most livable city on the planet. Plan for Victoria is all about understanding the community’s priorities as we grow sustainably in the years ahead. Whether it is local open space and tree canopy coverage, infrastructure delivery, access to public transport or so much more, the Allan Labor government wants to hear from my community. It is all part of our flagship commitment to build more quality homes close to jobs and in communities where Victorians want to live, just like the Glen Waverley district. I look forward to the minister’s response.

Minister’s Response:

I thank the Member for Glen Waverley for his question.

I share the Member for Glen Waverley’s commitment to having the community’s feedback driving the development of a new plan for Victoria. This plan is designed by Victorians, for Victorians- a collective vision for what our suburbs, towns, cities and regions should look like over the coming decades. The broad and comprehensive community engagement program – Victoria’s largest – commenced on 22 February 2024 with the Department of Transport and Planning heading to every corner of the state to hear from Victorians about their vision for the future. Two community pop-ups were held at The Glen Shopping Centre in Glen Waverley on 5 March and 11 April 2024. These are two of the 70 pop-ups we are hosting across Victoria, as well as community events providing a range of opportunities for people to share their ideas for the future of the state.

The Engage Victoria website is now live with information about the plan for Victoria, providing all Victorians with an opportunity to respond to the surveys and play a role in shaping the Victoria they wish to see. I encourage the Member’s constituents to Engage Victoria at The website also shows upcoming local events where people can come and chat directly to us close to where they live, work, study, play sport and gather for events and celebrations.

Hon Sonya Kilkenny MP
Minister for Planning

John Mullahy MP
Author: John Mullahy MP

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