School Breakfast Clubs & Cost of Living Relief

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My adjournment matter is directed to the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is for the education minister to join me at a school breakfast club in the Glen Waverley electorate to serve brekkie to our local students.

In recent weeks we have surpassed a great milestone, with over 40 million meals served to Victorian kids thanks to the Allan Labor government’s breakfast clubs. It is a huge milestone, because breakfast for Victorian schoolkids is more than just a yummy meal; it means students improve their concentration levels, they achieve higher academic results and socialise better with their peers. It is an absolute no-brainer, and I am proud to be part of the Allan Labor government that is funding it. But it has not always been this way, because back when the Liberals were in government they cut the education maintenance allowance, cutting support for Victorian students and their families. But we are backing it, because kids in the Glen Waverley district deserve nothing less. It is great news for families too, as we support them by lowering the cost of living.

But it is not the only way we are delivering that relief. Our terrific schools in the Glen Waverley district also host Smile Squad to deliver free dental care for kids. There is also our Glasses for Kids program delivering free specs for our young Victorians as well. Combined these programs are saving Victorian families hundreds while ensuring kids get the best possible education with full bellies, healthy teeth and focused eyes.

I am paraphrasing Andrew Clark from The Breakfast Club here when I say the Victorian Liberals could disappear forever and it wouldn’t make a difference – I am sure it was something like that. Only Labor is committed to supporting Victorian families with the cost of living.

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