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My adjournment matter is for the Deputy Premier in her role as Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop. The action I seek is for the Deputy Premier to visit Glen Waverley so that she can view the location of the Suburban Rail Loop station and determine how best to connect this to the existing Glen Waverley station. My community is seeking the best possible outcome so that there is an easy, efficient Disability Discrimination Act 1992 compliant connection between these stations. It is wonderful to see the works have already begun in Glen Waverley on the Suburban Rail Loop. Works are currently underway to move many of the existing services from around the location of where the underground station will be located.

Way back on 29 August 2018 I was extremely fortunate to be at Monash University when the Premier, the Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop and the Deputy Speaker made the truly historic announcement that a re-elected Andrews Labor government would be building the Suburban Rail Loop. It was an excellent day during the campaign last year when the previous Leader of the Opposition decided that the coalition would cancel the project if elected.

My community overwhelmingly supports this project. The Suburban Rail Loop will create thousands of jobs, will help our local economy grow and will connect Glen Waverley to the rest of the east. The loop is vital for our future generations. Once the SRL East project is finished people will be able to get from Glen Waverley to Monash University in 3 minutes rather than the usual 23 minutes in peak-hour traffic, creating a shorter, safer and more efficient mode of transport that will benefit my constituents and those in neighbouring electorates such as Ashwood, Box Hill, Clarinda and Oakleigh. Many of these will benefit from this project.

I am also the co-chair currently of the Suburban Rail Loop Glen Waverley precinct reference group, taking over the co-chair from you, Deputy Speaker, and we have been consulting with local businesses, residents and community organisations on the impacts of the SRL and how the SRL will help our community. My constituents and I are excited about the progress of the Suburban Rail Loop. I would like to thank the Deputy Premier for all her work on the Suburban Rail Loop, and I look forward to her response.

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