Vermont South Special School 50th Anniversary

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My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Education. Minister, can you outline how the recently completed $10.1 million transformation of Vermont South Special School will ensure students have the learning environment they need to achieve their full potential?

It was terrific to be joined by the Premier at Vermont South Special School just a few weeks ago, where we met with principal Jane Henderson, school council president Tarsh Brusco and school captains Aidan and Eloise. There was plenty to celebrate with the completion of the major $10.1 million upgrade. The new facilities are game changing and will give students the very best start in life.

I am proud to be part of an Allan Labor government that is backing Vermont South Special School and also delivering a major upgrade at every single special school across Victoria.

The future is bright. This weekend Vermont South Special School is celebrating its 50th anniversary, an accomplishment made possible by the wonderful school community, teachers, support staff and families. A big congratulations to them all. I wish the school the very best for the next 50 years with these beautiful new facilities.

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